Why wasn’t there a vote at the ACNA College of Bishops meeting?

Reading through documents from the 2018 Provincial Council meeting, I came across this report about ecumenical relations, which includes some news of interest in the section on dialog with the Polish National Church (PNCC). It says:

The second meeting was largely overshadowed by the College of Bishops Statement on Ordination of Women released by the ACNA on September 7, 2017. The Prime Bishop of the PNCC attended this meeting and related his surprise and regret that the ACNA bishops decided to continue to ordain women given the statements that it is a “recent innovation to Apostolic Tradition” and that there “is insufficient scriptural warrant to accept women’s ordination.” The PNCC co-chair told the ACNA co-chair that the PNCC was seriously considering terminating this dialogue. The ACNA co-chair reassured the Prime Bishop and the PNCC co-chair that this statement is not a final decision and that a call for a full vote regarding women’s ordination would be requested at the next ACNA College of Bishops meeting in January, 2018. The Ecumenical Dialogue Commission will meet via telecom on February 7, 2018 at 2:00 PM to discuss the outcome of this vote. If the outcome is anything other than a full repudiation on women’s ordination, the PNCC plans to terminate ecumenical discussions with the ACNA and look for another Anglican Church with which to seek intercommunion.

No such vote was called, so was the bishop who said there would be a vote mistaken in his assumption, or did things start in that direction and get diverted?

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