ACNA Task Force on Holy Orders Final Report

At long last we laity can read The Holy Orders Task Force Final Report. In what was (I believe) my first post on this Task Force back in  2013, I quoted this comment from the Titus One Nine blog:

I would suspect that ACNA’s leadership knows exactly how the theological report (if fairly done) will come out.  Indeed, pretty much any minimally informed person will know how this report will come out:  there are good arguments pro and con, and there is no clear resolution.  Therefore, ACNA will continue its current practice as it is the best possible solution to a theologically incoherent problem.  In this way, the non-WO activists can be partially mollified, or at least, they can no longer complain about the lack of any theological study.  And at the same time, ACNA can continue on its current policy but on a stronger footing.

That comment has guided my thinking on this Task Force throughout and the Task Force has not disappointed.

Where things go now is impossible to predict. I have heard chatter that  the College of Bishops strongly leans toward ending women’s ordination and grandfathering in those already ordained. The pro-WO bishops would have the option of sub-jurisdictional status. However, such a move would require a two-thirds vote of the Provincial Assembly. I have no way of knowing if this is possible or not, particularly with the addition of the Diocese of South Carolina. Has anyone counted potential votes?  And what happens if the folks voting for the historical position lose the vote in the Provincial Assembly after the House of Bishops has voted in favor of the historical position?

Although the leadership of the denomination seems to think it wise for “discussion” to keep on going over this issue, leaving it perpetually unresolved is like not treating an open wound. In the end, what would be the harm in the two camps going their separate ways? Think of it as the Jeroboam Option.

2 thoughts on “ACNA Task Force on Holy Orders Final Report”

  1. You really think it will come to that in the end? I really hope not and have sort of subconsciously dreaded that for 10 years now.

    Being pro WO myself, I am happy to be in a C4SO parish now, but did just fine in a pearusa parish for 7 years. I think we can stay together, especially if the issue delays longer because the old guard who would want to end WO will be in retirement age. Not that all ACNA will go pro WO–I don’t think they will. But continuing with each Diocese choosing will feel more ok to everyone over time.

    It would be really tough on both to split. We’re still pretty small.

    1. I don’t predict the future so I’m not sure. Many on the no WO side will not put up with indefinite WO. It’s actually the old guard who are pro WO in many cases. The majority of bishops are against it, but I think they are afraid of what will happen if they impose their will.

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