Bibliotheca at last!

A few weeks ago, after two years of waiting, the Bibliotheca Bible arrived. In the time since Adam Greene proposed Bibliotheca, Crossway imitated the idea and beat him to market, but this didn’t change my love for the project or my anticipation for how good it would be—and Adam and his team delivered!

The books themselves are plain to behold, understated and elegant. I did not order the wood case, so I have a lower grade version of the case, but it is still very pleasing to the eye.

The five volumes of Bibliotheca

The paper is high quality, the pages are very pleasant to turn and the readability is outstanding. I have been reading Proverbs and the experience is superior to any other Bible I own. There is no hint of versification, so it really does feel like reading a book without any extra apparatus to infer that it should be referenced, diagrammed or chopped up in any way.

A sample page

The colophon describes the unique features of the books:

This is how the Table of Contents looks in each volume:

The books open flat:

Here the set is with some other volumes:

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