CANA East may eliminate the Deacon’s Mass

CANA East’s Canon Theologian Rev. Canon Dr. Henry P. Jansma has written a paper suggesting that this diocese stop practicing the Deacon’s Mass. His conclusion:

In this paper I have followed the sacramental thinking of historic Reformation Anglican in Christ’s incarnation and the believer’s union in Christ with the resultant integrity in the priest’s ministerial office of Word and sacrament. It is this underlying theology that has provided the structure for the nature and duties in the office of priest and deacon explained in the Ordinal. The weight of evidence has led me to conclude that the practice of the Deacon’s Mass confuses the integrity of the priestly office and neglects the essential character of the diaconate. I thereby recommend that parishes reconsider their current practice in light of this evidence and that the practice should be discontinued within a timeframe that allows sufficient space for doctrinal teaching and that is pastorally sensitive to individual CANA East parishes.

The trajectory of CANA East continues to be worth watching for Classical Anglicans.

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