Update on the new AMiA Bishops


You may recall that in May of this year (2015) the AMiA consecrated two new bishops: Gerry Schnackenberg and Carl Buffington. 1)See this post and this post. This action produced some turmoil within the ranks of GAFCON, but the AMiA went ahead with the consecrations. Since then, the story has dropped off the map, which says something about the state of Anglican journalism today.

Recently, Archbishop Henri Isingoma tweeted a picture of the Anglican bishops of the DRC on retreat. A crude translation of his tweet says, “Anglican Diocese of DR Congo in spiritual retreat from the 18th to 24th of August 2015 in Butembo.”

I asked the Archbishop if the Anglican Mission bishops were included in this retreat? He replied:

His language is very direct and strong. Their consecration was “illegal.” Despite what the Archbishop says, the AMiA’s Apostolic Vicar, Bishop Philip Jones, refers to these men as bishops in a YouTube video this week. It remains to be seen how this will be worked out, if at all.

I also asked Archbishop Isingoma about the Congolese bishops who consecrated the AMiA Americans, he replied, “after recognising their big and historical mistake, forgiven they assured to don’t do it again.”

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1. See this post and this post.

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