What the Heck is Going On?

Everywhere you look there are problems being exposed in the Church. God is not mocked. But still, when I read the following comment, I was sick:

So I get a phone call from an old friend today. She wants information about a couple books. We go back almost 30 years to a church together. We now live four states apart as both of us have moved over the years.
Her husband got his PhD in some area of christian counseling….or maybe it is a ThD, whatever. From a seminary, and the thing after your masters is a ThD I think. Really kind man, godly couple, true intercessors. They are in their 70′s and semi retired.
Haven’t talked in many months, and she tells me that her husband was asked by an evangelical association with members in several states to counsel pastors who have been addicted to pornography. So for months now he has been counseling these various pastors, all from born again bible believing churches, not liberals.
She said the recent cases are not just guys looking at gorgeous adult babes, but they watch the most vile stuff, like little girls being raped and worse. She said it is so dark and so horrible and her husband said from what he hears it is all over the place in churches.
Here is the kicker. Her husband is beside himself because this evangelical organization requires that these pastors have 16 counseling sessions with him, and then, back to the ministry. He thinks they should be removed from ministry for a very very long time if not for good, and he is speaking up, but he can’t change it. All he can hope to do is get the pastors to realize they need to resign. You just don’t go to sixteen sessions and they say all is well when you were hooked on filthy perversion.
Anyway, this is the state of modern evangelicalism in the bible belt from one perspective. While I think God wants us to gather with others and ideally be part of a church, you really do need to be cautious and prayerful. What kind of pastors get off watching little prepubescent girls be raped? How sick is that? And they are out there.

Is this what it has come to? I am amazed that churches still exist if this kind of sickness is rampant.

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  1. While I’m not willing to accept this commenters premiss of how wide spread is the worst of the problem (not so much on the hearsay angle rather her friend was probably so shocked and disgusted by the wost and needed to vent emotionally that it taints the ratio of pastors committing visual adultery with “gorgeous adult babes” verse those into pedophilia … one hint is down play of the former as if that were okay because of shock of the latter). I’m also not comfortable with her [presumption of gender, based on the source identified as godly woman with this sort of troubling news] blanket prescription. That said I think she is intuitively on to the problem.

    Pastors have a problem and the sheep are not being protected. There is an assumption on my part that all this is hidden from the flock. It seems these churches believe pastors are held to a higher standard, therefore they must look perfect, instead of being held to a higher standard therefore their failing should be given less protection. My assumptions are based on my experiences:


    Gee, wow, no wonder I fell through the cracks in 2005, oh yeah, it really seemed Brown+ was playing favorites in whom he gave pastoral care toward, but that may been his distraction and choosing his own “safe” people to be around him. This experience left me struggling with bitterness for years afterward, oddly I’d come to a peace by the time this story broke and actually explained a lot of the “why” for me. In contrast I’m going to a place with an ongoing scandal (the sin has stop but the consequence of the sin is there) which is not directly related, but is contrasted for me because it is open and the flock has a choice to stay or find another shepherd and it’s had an opposite affect than what Satan was probably hoping.

    The author is correct, you don’t just get over Internet pornography addiction in 16 counseling sessions and for those worst cases, she’s correct in they need to be pulled out of ministry for a time or for good, but I suspect a majority are “gorgeous adult babes” addicted. I still think the flock should know. In fact I’d probably have more rallied around (as I’m doing in this other type of situation) and a five-year relapses would not bother me if all were open, maybe his wife would had other opinion, but to model redemptive story is more powerful than this “higher standard means a white washed exterior.”

    I should note, while clicking a keyboard and mouse are actions, I view pornography as sin of the eye and mind, one step away from full fruit of action. Any pastor who commits sexual sin in body is out in my opinion. As I wrote above, I think presentation may be overstated (husband needed to vent to his wife who needed to vent to her friend, as the worst of the worst as it was too heavy a burden to carry) and most are the lessor, the pediphilia and rape is disturbing in that they’ve lost their revulsion, the mind can now consider such a thing and if used for gratification is now getting a biological “positive reward.” At that level, I think these churches are setting themselves up for real trouble with 16 session under the rug when Satan got that deep of hooks into a pastor.

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