An ACNA – AMiA Reunion?


Could AMiA be headed back into an ACNA relationship? With Chuck Murphy back to being a church “planter” (and “Consultor”) and H. Miller off to England, the players have changed a bit. So it was with interest that I saw this:

new thang

But it got even more interesting when I read this from Archbishop Duncan today:

I called Bp. Philip Jones the other day.  We had a lovely conversation.  There are now 50 congregations of the Anglican Mission.  These 50 congregations are no longer numbered in our congregational count in the Anglican Church in North America. 

Given Archbishop Beach’s friendship with T.J. Johnston, are we headed for “New Thing”, Mark III? It is worth recalling what Archbishop Duncan said about AMiA in the past:

They have not been so good about accountability and the unity of the church. They are now former Anglicans. That’s what they have to grapple with.

the new chairman



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  1. It would not surprise me. The whole AMiA blow up seemed to me to be personality conflicts wrapped in poorly arranged theological garb, like that of a Presbyterian heresy trial, which to me is very unAngliacan!

    What’s probably not been said is the whole AMiA implosion was a black eye to ++Duncan, in that one of the great threats to Common Cause Partnership into ACNA was the schisms that happened with the Continuing Church movement. Oddly, canonically, there is nothing wrong with TheAM going to Dominican or Jesuit model under ACNA, but +Murphy ego/personality got in the way at critical moments, as well as going to ++Kolini and ++Tay [which canonically is REALLY unacceptable and may actually have been the larger slap in the face]. The whole thing at the time look to me to be mountain made out of mole hills, but the personalities involved (on both side in my opinion) were such that the power struggle was going to implode, though who actually ended up in power by 2013 seemed very different than who leading the charges in 2012.

    What would be VERY Anglican is to view these 50 congregations as sheep needing the protection of the larger Church [something I did not find in AMiA/PEARUSA where demands for laity to submit is stressed, but in the Anglican Ordinal, the clergy are pledged to submit, bishop is called to remember Who’s office they’ll be answering and Whom they are model, the laity are expressed as Jesus’s sheep, those seeking office are called to remember that, something one we both know never pledged (violation of JD 2008) and willing to chase out. So with personalities gone, if TheAM willing to structure in an acceptable way (which actually should not be difficult), then I could easily see a reunion.

    PEARUSA may have some hidden axes to grind in backdoor politics, but this is 2014, not 2012. However, that could backfire, for “the care of souls” would probably prime diver for the rest of ACNA and a simple renewing of ordination vows ceremony (which ADV did recently … just because … kind of like husband/wife renewal of vows … nothing new, but reaffirming) should handle most people’s complaints.

    Personally, I’d be pleased if these 50 congregations were graphed back in and this whole thing ends up as some historian’s footnote when writing about the early days of the ACNA.

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