ACNA: Theological Task Force on Holy Orders Will Not Find the Solution

The latest publicly viewable report from the Anglican Church in North America’s (ACNA) Task Force on Holy Orders says:

We remind the Council and Assembly that the Task Force is serving in an advisory capacity to the College of Bishops. It is not the purpose of the Task Force to find “the solution” to the ordination issues within the ACNA. The Task Force will provide the necessary scholarly work and advice needed for the College to make informed decisions about how the jurisdictions within the ACNA can move forward in their life together. Please continue to keep the Task Force in your prayers.

This is a far cry from the hope of some that this Task Force will role back women’s ordination (WO) in ACNA. It is more in line with what I have thought all along, see here. Of course, it is possible that the next Archbishop (Sutton?) could use the Task Force in line with a push for ecumenical relations with Rome and the Orthodox as a reason to phase WO out over time. It would require a change to the Constitution of ACNA however, and that seems unlikely to me.



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