Bishop Mbanda on Rwanda’s “Good Leadership”

Bishop Mbanda and Kagame
Bishop Mbanda and Kagame

Speaking at a memorial to mark 20 years since the genocide engulfed Rwanda, Bishop Laurent Mbanda (joined by Bishop John Rucyahana), said this about modern Rwanda:

You should be happy that you live in times like these when Rwanda has good leadership. The current government stopped Genocide, brought peace and national unity—the kind of change this country needed. You have done very well to come and learn…Therefore be agents of change,

So a sitting Anglican Bishop says that a serial murderer who heads up a quasi dictatorship equates to “good leadership.” If you are part of a PEAR USA church in any capacity, your leadership is officially aligned with a dictator who started two wars, tortures his own people and kills opponents to crush dissent. I am not going to elaborate on all the details because I have done it so many times and the information is all out there in public. If you don’t believe it, ask me and I can point you to it. For Bishop Mbanda to praise this madman and for PEAR USA to sit silently by, is for the witness of the Church to suffer.

Bishop Mbanda was speaking to alumni and current students of Sonrise school, a donor darling of Western churches. “Originally built for orphans…Sonrise now caters to children of many wealthy Rwandans.” 1)Source. Sonrise is presented to the Anglican church in America as being for impoverished orphans when it is among the most expensive in Rwanda. More on Sonrise later.



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  1. It is so obvious that you know nothing about Sonrise. Do a little research, don’t be so biased, tell the truth about Sonrise.

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