Ephraim Radner takes on PEAR USA in First Things

Ephraim Radner addresses   ACNA and GAFCON in an article called “Anglicanism on its Knees” in the current issue of First Things. While I do not agree with all of Radner’s premises or conclusions, he is 100% correct about PEAR USA and Rwanda, although he doesn’t call PEAR USA by name. He says:

As for the Eastern Congo, and its millions of dead, raped, and mistreated: No criticisms there, let alone careful reflection. That’s largely because conservative North American Anglicans dare not rustle their relationship with the state-aligned Rwandan Anglican Church and its long-standing fight against American Episcopalian apostates. One remembers the judicious comment by one Rwandan bishop that what is happening in the Episcopal Church is tantamount to a “spiritual genocide.” From this vantage point, the years-long decimation of the Congolese and Rwandan refugee population by Rwandan government-sponsored “rebels” remains something of a sad political mystery, in which the profound, even frightening misjudgments of churches have no place. My enemies’ enemies are my friends, no?

He cites an example of this sort of thing from the past:

We have seen this kind of thing in the past. Efrain Rios Montt, head of a military junta in Guatemala in the early 1980s, was in the news last year when he was convicted of crimes against humanity (since overturned for procedural reasons, and the trial to be restarted). Montt is widely believed to have directed the murder and relocation of thousands of Mayan peasants, as well as the killing of political opponents. As a “born-again” Pentecostal, however, Montt had the open support of a range of American Evangelical leaders, from Pat Robertson to Youth With a Mission’s Loren Cunningham, not to mention American administration officials.

He needn’t have gone that far, as Church support for the previous genocidal regime went hand in hand with Western silence prior to 1994.

Radner is saying the same thing that I have been saying for two years in posts like this, this and this. I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears however, as PEAR USA leaders have hardened their hearts like Pharaoh against any criticism of their beloved friends in Rwanda.


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