You Must Judge

Contrary to the one commandment that all people everywhere seem to believe in, namely “don’t judge,” Jesus told his disciples: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” In other words, Jesus told us to judge, just to do it the right way, not by appearances. This is as forgotten in modern pop theology as are works by some who overemphasize justification and forget sanctification.

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  1. I think that best seller lists ought to be reserved for those who have written a book with wide appeal, whether true or tasteful or even worth reading. Say what you will about Joyce Meyer and Rick Warren, people like me actually buy and read their books for their spiritual content.

    The most disturbing trend in church leadership in large churches in America is not that women or even gays are being ordained, but it is that the pastors with the largest churches have fired their real, home-grown elders and replaced them with yes men, so that they can carry on as they wish with no accountability whatsoever.

    The price tag for this will be infinitely greater than any of us ever imagined. The beginning of troubles may well be the church losing tax exempt status because, quite frankly, we don’t look like a church when we use donated money to buy our way onto bestseller lists. We are losing credibility quickly in our culture because our foundations were shifted by superstars.

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