Rwandan Soldier Serving with the UN and M23

The UN Group of Experts on the DRC have released their latest report. It shows M23 executing prisoners last year prior to their defeat:

Executed by M23
Executed by M23

It also discusses a Rwandan soldier who at one point served on one of Rwanda’s many peacekeeping missions for the UN, and later served with M23, showing the clear link between Rwandan forces and M23, as well as the problem the UN has with using Rwandan forces in peacekeeping operations. This is one reason why Rwanda gets a pass in the West, because we want their army to do our dirty work. The report says:

In addition, a Rwandan Special Forces soldier who had previously served with RDF as part of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (see annex 18) told the Group he had deployed in August from Mudende as part of a reinforcement operation. While some RDF soldiers joined M23 directly, he escorted a commander to the slopes of the Karisimbi volcano, from where they had visual surveillance of the M23-controlled area and communication links with RDF forces operating with M23.


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