Bishop Mbanda on Western Confusion

Bishop Laurent Mbanda
Bishop Laurent Mbanda

Writing about the pre-genocide Church in Rwanda and the situation at the time that the RPF launched its invasion of the country in 1990, Bishop Laurent Mbanda says that the West was confused:

Some Christians around the world were disappointed in the Rwandan church leadership, while others were morally and financially behind them. From my discussions with executives of Western-based Christian non-government organizations and mission agencies, I have come to learn that many were confused and did not know what to believe about the Rwandan situation. So they continued working relationships with church other indigenous Christian organizations in the country, based on the relationships and trust developed over the years prior to the 1990 war situation.

The same situation prevails today. Most in the West are confused and do not know what to believe, if they have even taken the step of learning about the other side of the reconciliation propaganda. You would hope that Bishop Mbanda would ease this confusion by speaking up about Rwandan government violations of GAFCON’s Nairobi Communique, which Rwanda violates all the time. The Nairobi Communique says:

We commit ourselves to work for the transformation of society though the gospel. We repudiate all violence, especially against women and children;

Are these empty words when it comes to those tortured by the Rwandan DMI?

2 thoughts on “Bishop Mbanda on Western Confusion”

  1. Mr.Joel,i will encourage you kindly to go back to school and learn how to collect information that you want to share with other people.How do you talk about someone when you have never approach him or her?like in your wrong statement you mentioned Bishop Laurent Mbanda,and you have never talk to him then how do write that wrong information to him?according to me and fellow Rwanda we stop you in the name Jesus.We shall not stop our speed of development in Rwanda because you Joel. Stop deceiving Americans….

    1. Hi Donald.
      How do you know who I have or have not approached?
      This particular post is dealing with Bishop Mbanda’s public statements, both in an interview and his book, which I have read. He is welcome to speak to me any time. Public figures like bishops can be commented on in public, it is part of their job.
      There is no deceit in what I have written. If you see something that is wrong, be specific about it and tell me, or else you are merely wasting my time.

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