Reads, 2013

Refutation of the Koran, Riccoldo of Monte Croce
The Private Life of Chairman Mao, Dr. Li Zhisui
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt
Submergence, J.M. Ledgard
Pascal, Thoughts
Going Clear, Lawrence Wright
The Coming of the Rain, Katharine Makower
Bobos in Paradise, David Brooks
The Age of Sacred Terror, Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon
No Man Knows My History, Fawn Brodie
Brigham Young, Pioneer Prophet, John Turner
Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith, Robert D. Anderson
The New Mormon Challenge, Beckwith, Mosser, Owen
Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature, David Cook
Anglican Communion in Crisis, Miranda K. Hassett
Genocide in Rwanda, Complicity of the Churches? Ed. Carol Rittner, John K. Roth and Wendy Whitworth
Committed to Conflict, Laurent Mbanda
Citizens, Simon Schama
The Trial of Socrates, I.F. Stone
The Shadow of the Antichrist, Stephen N. Williams
On Marriage and Family Life, St. John Chrysostom
Pagans and Christians, Robin Lane Fox

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