New Torture in Rwanda, Where is GAFCON?

Yesterday, a report came from Rwanda that Joel Mutabazi has been tortured into making a false confession by the Kagame government.

Joel Mutabazi (with a beard)

The report says in part:

He was beaten so bad that he sent a message to his family through an intermediary that he might not even recover from his injuries. During those beatings, he was told to plead guilty,” said an activist, who asked to remain anonymous.

“He decided to plead guilty because he’s tired of being beaten and he’s afraid of dying,” the activist said.

Mutabazi’s wife, contacted in Kampala, confirmed that her husband had been tortured but said she was afraid to elaborate further on the matter for fear of more reprisals. She and her two children are under guard at a UN safe house in Uganda.

Mutabazi was kidnapped by Rwanda from Uganda, where he had fled for his life, as you can see in this story.

Joel Mutabazi, an Israeli-trained commando, had fled his own intelligence service after suffering 17 months of solitary confinement and torture and was about to divulge his government’s darkest secrets.
But it wasn’t Mossad who were after him. Nor was it the KGB or China. The killers, he claims, were from one of Britain’s closest African allies. 

Mr Mutabazi, who served for 20 years as President Paul Kagame’s bodyguard, said that the men who came to kill him were, like him, Rwandan.  “Kagame has no mercy,” he told The Times. “He is a killer. He is a dictator. He can’t stand any opposition.” The gunmen shot twice but missed, and ran off into the night.

If you expose Kagame, he will kill you, or try to kill you. For me, the question is where is the church, particularly the Anglican Church, in the midst of this?

Where is GAFCON?
Last month, GAFCON issued the Nairobi Communique which said in part:

We repudiate all such violence against women and children and call on the church to demonstrate respect for women, care for marginalized women and children around the world, and uphold the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

We are conscious of the growing number of attacks on Christians in Nigeria and Pakistan, Syria and Egypt, Sudan and many other countries. Where our brothers and sisters are experiencing persecution, we must all call on governments and leaders of other religions to respect human rights, protect Christians from violent attack and take effective action to provide for freedom of religious expression for all.

The Rwandan delegation signed on to this Communique. Presumably, the sanctity of human life precludes torture of innocent citizens, and presumably, violent attacks on kidnapped citizens are of equal value with violent attacks on Christians. So where is the Anglican Church of Rwanda when Rwandans are tortured? So far, they are right in Kagame’s hip pocket, that is where.

State and Church United
Bishop Rucyahana with Caesar Kayizari
Pastor Antoine Rutayisire with the Dictator
Bishop Gasatura at a Kagame Prayer Breakfast
Archbishop Rwaje with the Dictator
Bishop Mbanda with President Kagame
Retired Bishop Rucyahana with RPF Notables
What we see from the American branch of the Rwandan Church (PEAR USA) is platitudes about the greatness of Rwanda, such as this from Bishop David Bryan:

Whenever you are asked why we are still connected with the Anglican Church in Rwanda, one obvious answer is “we still have a lot to learn from them!”

The continuing silence of GAFCON, Rwandan Anglicans and American Anglicans canonically resident in Rwanda shows that the Gospel for them does not involve speaking up against dictators who torture and kill their own people. It is shameful and time will not judge them favorably.

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