Bishop Rucyahana on Paul Kagame’s Presidential Advisory Council

Retired Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana serves on Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame’s Presidential Advisory Council, which is a showy board of mainly westerners that “offer strategic advice and guidance to President Paul Kagame.” The people on this board apparently have no problem serving a man responsible for launching two wars in the Congo which killed upwards of 5 million people. A man that our own State Department says runs Rwanda via a Tutsi elite. A man who ordered the liquidation of Rwandan Hutu’s in the Congo in 1995. A man who maintained killing fields inside Rwanda for dissidents.

This month, the Presidential Advisory Council met again in New York, and Kagame loyalist John Rucyahana was there.
Rucyahana at Kagame’s Council
Note some of the things that the United Nations has verified about Rucyahana:

RPF members have been recruiting sympathizers and raising funds for M23 from within Rwanda. Politicians, former Rwandan armed forces and CNDP officers told the Group that Rwigamba Balinda, a Rwandan senator and Rector of the Free University of Kigali, and John Rucyahana, a bishop (see S/2012/348/Add.1, para. 29), both RPF members, had overseen those activities in Rwanda and abroad. The same sources informed the Group that senior Rwandan armed forces officers and RPF officials diverted a portion of the financial contributions collected on behalf of M23 for their own benefit.

Politicians, former RDF officers, former CNDP officers, and M23 collaborators stated that Rwandan Minister of Defence General James Kabarebe, Rwandan Senator Rwigamba Balinda and Bishop John Rucyahana have been distributing funds for recruitment efforts. Gafishi Semikore, Ngoga, Ngabo, Kazoza, Joseph Mpumuro have received funds to recruit for M23.

Bishop John Rucyhana’s support to M23

77. The [Government of Rwanda] argues that Bishop John Rucyahana convened meetings for the purpose of peace and unity. This claim clearly contradicts several accounts of individuals who were present in the meetings organized by Rucyahana and, on the contrary, attest to the Bishop’s efforts to mobilize recruits and resources for M23 from within Rwanda. Furthermore, the participants in Rucyhana’s meeting were mostly former CNDP politicians and M23 members who had fled from Goma (DRC) to Gisenyi (Rwanda), from where they have been openly working to support M23. The Group is not aware of any participant who has subsequently deserted M23 following meetings with Bishop Rucyahana.

And more recently: 

A former Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) member, two former RDF officers and a politician loyal to Ntaganda, told the Group that Bishop John Rucyahana, a Ntaganda ally in Rwanda who recruited politicians and raised funds for M23, had to stop his collaboration. The Group has sought clarification from the Government of Rwanda on the matter and is awaiting a response.

Just two weeks ago, Paul Kagame admitted that  “some Rwandan churches have been sending money to Congolese rebels, as part of a Tutsi self-protection campaign.”
Seeing Rucyahana at Kagame’s side makes it quite clear where his support lies:

Rucyahana and Rick Warren (background) at the Kagame Council

Given the total silence of the Anglican Church of North America, PEAR USA and the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans on this matter, it seems that they don’t care enough about associating with a murderer to take any action.

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