Modern Life is Rubbish, II

“We were on a school exchange in the summer holidays in a small village called Erder, in the hills behind Wetzlar. I remember it very clearly. I was watching TV when The Kinks came on – so I realized that The Kinks were my band while I was in the hills of Germany.
But that’s always been the case with me: I’ve always had key points of my musical life dictate to me while I was out of the country, just because it gives me a greater perspective being abroad. For instance, I decided that “modern life was rubbish” one Sunday afternoon in America.
I wrote a song called Sunday Sunday which on the surface seems like a grand nostalgic romp; but it’s not. It was about the scary feeling I got looking out of a Minneapolis hotel room onto ye olde, make-believe, plastic country square they’d constructed in the middle of this giant shopping mall. 

That view brought into my head all this imagery and emotion – I realized “…. I wanna be where I come from.”

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