The Verve: History

Producer Owen Morris thought that the track “History” was so great that he threw a chair through the studio window after he heard it:

The Verve, those neo-psychedelic thrash meisters, hired Owen Morris to record their latest album, A Northern Soul and got more than they bargained for. Morris, who produced Oasis’s Definitely Maybe trashed a recording studio, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Wielding a chair, he demolished a speaker stack, and then smashed the huge window between a studio and mixing room. Richard Ashcroft, a member of The Verve, revealed that “Owen put the speaker through because he was enjoying a song so much! He’s the best putter-through of windows I’ve ever seen. He was having a bit of a nervous breakdown at the time. But then he’s worked with Oasis–and that would push most people close.” [source]


This album is The Verve’s masterpiece. Their debut, A Storm In Heaven, was a shimmering, psychedelic feast for the ears, half-songs drifting in an opiated reverb haze… But this album, A Northern Soul… It’s the sound of four lives on the line. Recording sessions were fuelled by drugs and turmoil, songs edited out of jams lasting hours, producer Owen Morris standing on the mixing desk, off his face on ecstasy, hurling chairs at the window into the live room, overwhelmed by sound and emotion, Nick McCabe refusing to play anything twice, unable to play anything twice, Pete Salisbury and Simon Jones locking into grooves and staying there forever while Richard Ashcroft screamed about pain and hurt and filth and death and drugs and lust and seeing your life drift away down the whirlpool of time, “another drink and I wont miss her,” the utter futility of trying to love anyone or anything in a world where everything must live and die and rot before your eyes.  [source]

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