Kagame’s Territorial Ambitions in the Eastern DRC

In the testimony of Aloys Ruyenzi (former Kagame bodyguard) that I mentioned in this post, we see another claim that President Kagame wants to annex parts of the Eastern DRC. Ruyenzi writes:

President Kagame has territorial ambitions in Eastern DRC.  He and some of his aides  claim much of Eastern DRC was originally a part of Rwanda prior to the colonial period,  and that it was lost because of artificially imposed colonial borders. They also claim that much of Southwestern Uganda (including Bufumbira, Kabale, Mbarara and Masaka) was also part of Rwanda before colonial times.  Even a part of Northwestern Tanganyika (modern-day Tanzania) is claimed.  Today, Rwandan schools are teaching the idea that  Rwandans should be prepared to fight a long war of territorial recovery and eventually annex these areas back to Rwanda.  In reality, all this is really just a diversionary  campaign by President Kagame and his aides used to loot the DRC’s wealth longer and keep the Rwandese people from realizing his real interests in DRC, which have caused  meaningless wars and endless suffering. Gen. Nkunda’s war was President Kagame’s  war and he was an ideal proxy for President Kagame to use.

This is yet another piece of evidence to add to what Steve Hege has testified of, what the head of Rwanda’s NURC wrote, and what an Anglican pastor in Rwanda told Phil Cantrell.What it means for the Kivus and the DRC is the likelihood of continual low-grade war in the east until the dynamic changes. What it could mean for Rwanda in terms of blow-back is impossible to estimate.

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