M23 Burying People Alive

The United Nations Security Council issued its final report on the Democratic Republic of the Congo on November 15th. The report talks about Rwandan support for M23, including fund raising activity by retired Bishop John Rucyahana.
What does M23 do? Well, for example on pages 159-160 we read:

M23 summary executions of recruits and prisoners of war

Several M23 commanders have been responsible for summary executions and torture of deserters. All former M23 soldiers interviewed by the Group reported that M23 officers threatened to kill recruits attempting to desert. According to accounts of former M23 soldiers, those who try to flee from the battle field are often shot on the spot. The following sources have provided detailed accounts of such crimes ordered by certain M23 commanders:
a) Two former combatants told the Group that sanctioned individual Colonel Innocent Zimurinda ordered the torture and killing of deserters. One of the soldiers from Zimurinda’s position observed how two deserters were executed, while four other deserters were buried alive. Another former M23 soldier witnessed the severe beating of one deserter who was thrown in front of the others as a dissuasive example. M23 commanders starved two other deserters to death.
b) Two former M23 soldiers who escaped from their positions, interviewed separately, stated that Colonel Baudouin Ngaruye ordered the execution of two recruits who attempted to flee. Another former combatant under Ngaruye’s command witnessed the severe beating of one recruit who attempted to flee.
c) Another former M23 combatant witnessed how rebel commanders shot dead four defectors after they were apprehended near Rugari.
d) At the training camp at Chanzu, one deserter observed the public execution of another recruit who had attempted to flee.
Former M23 combatants, as well as local leaders from M23-controlled areas, told the Group that RDF soldiers return to the DRC M23 soldiers of Rwandan nationality who flee to Rwanda:

a) The RDF caught one former M23 soldier of Rwandan nationality, who attempted to flee to Rwanda at Kinigi, and brought him back to the rebels and then forced him to rape a girl in front of the others.

b) The RDF forced another M23 officer to dig the grave for seven Rwandan M23 soldiers whom the RDF had executed at Kinigi after having fled from to Rwanda.

c) Another soldier who escaped from Makenga’s position, witnessed how RDF soldiers from Ruhengeri had brought back five young deserters, beat them with sticks, and buried them alive in front of the other M23 soldiers.

Since the M23-RDF taking of Bunagana on 6 July 2012, several M23 commanders have ordered the executions of FARDC officers and soldiers captured in combat. FARDC officers, including former CNDP officers as well as M23 soldiers, told the Group that Ntaganda and Makenga had ordered the summary execution of FARDC prisoners:

a) During the combat at Rumangabo on 24-25 July 2012, Makenga ordered the torture and execution of six captured FARDC soldiers.

b) M23 captured twelve other FARDC soldiers at Rutshuru during combat on those same dates, shot them in their legs and stabbed them to death in Runyoni.

c) M23 executed another FARDC soldier at the village of Rwankuba and an FARDC officer following combat at Bugina.

By any standard of Christian behavior, this is reprehensible conduct.

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